I continue to order House of Rehua facial moisturiser because it feels so beautiful. It's not too heavy or too watery and my skin feels so loved. I find that a pot lasts a long time and the smell is lovely.“

Miranda Laurich 42, Business woman, New Zealand

In all the Rehua products I feel the love from Marama and to Mother Earth and the plants. The Kawakawa oil is like a golden balm for the soul and skin. The moisturiser smells wonderful and both products give me a feeling that my skin gets a lovely protection and food. When I clear myself with the cleansing purea spray it is like I am standing in the woods with light rays and get a shower of cleaning. Wonderful

Manuela Gartner 54, Spiritual Healer Romiromi, Austria

I am using the purea spray like a perfume it smells so wonderful. I use it before working with my clients and I feel really protected and safe. During the healings I often use it several times. It gives me security. I love it.

The moisturiser is perfect for my face. I have been using it for 2 months now and I use it in the morning and evening. My skin is nearly skin tight without pimples, soft and it smells wonderful the whole day! I can absolutely recommend it.

I have been using the lip balm for two months and I don't have anymore problems with fever blisters on my lips even when the sunshine is very strong. No problems!My lips are moisturised the whole day. I use it in the morning and in the evening so it's really economical.

I have the Mamae Hohonu balm with me always. Its important for the whole family.This balm alleviates the pain immediately. Wonderful

Marianne Lindlbauer 59,  Spiritual Healer/ Massage Therapist, Austria

So far, I have tried three different products of the House of Rehua. I just love the Lush Lips Lip Balm! My lips are very likely to dry out during winter but the Lush Lip Balm is very thick and stays on my lips for a couple of hours. It is very smooth and tastes very nice. Very much recommended!!

I am a big fan of energy cleansing sprays but the one from the House of Rehua not only cleans heavy energies but surrounds you with a beautiful nice and light aura. Just love it and I carry it around everywhere since the day I got it. At work people ask me what is smelling that good.

Jasmine La Colorida 25, Student, Vienna Austria

I am a very satisfied user of House of Rehua products. Nature is my inspiration

and I find House of Rehua products very inspiring. I can feel the spirits of the plants around me.

Every morning I use the Nourishing Day Cream as a moisturiser. It makes my skin soft and smooth and I feel revitalized after the application.

After a stressful working day or a stressful person I use the Cleansing Purea Spray and I can literally feel the cleansing of aura and space, lifting me up to a higher vibrational level.

Apart from being a wonderful skin healer, Kawakawa oil has also a very nice smell which I like very much. And a massage with it can be soooo relaxing!

House of Rehua means Nature on my skin and Aotearoa on my mind!


Elisa Sera, 56 yrs, Austria

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