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The Cleansing Purea Spray is used to cleanse your aura and the surrounding space. It helps to lift and cleanse your mind and emotions, providing relief from stress.


For Mirimiri or massage, you can mist 3-4 sprays of this Purea Spray over your body to help lift and clear stagnant energies. The spray is infused with kawakawa and karakia, which work gently to help lift grief.


If you want to get rid of unwanted stress from your mind, body, and soul throughout the day, you can use the Wairua/Aura Spray. We tend to pick up other people's energies throughout the day, and this spray can help you cleanse and uplift your energy.


You can also use the Room Spray to cleanse and uplift the energy of your room. Simply mist your room with 4-5 sprays.



Cleansing Purea Spray

  • Mist 30 cm over the body to clear and lift stagnant energies 

  • Aqua*, Piper excelsum extract*, Caprylyl/Capryl glucoside*, Polysorbate 20, Lavandula angustifolia oil*, Cymbopogon flexuosus oil*, Pelargonium graveolens oil*, Caprylyl glycol*, Phenylpropanol*.

    * Natural ingredients