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Our Wellness Pack offers traditional remedies made from the pristine forests of the Far North. These natural solutions are carefully selected to support your well-being through illness. Our Wellness Packs contain full sizes of our Kūmarahou and Eucalyptus Decongestant Rub, Respiratory Support Tincture, and Pain Support Tincture.


Kūmarahou and Eucalyptus Decongestant Rub


Our decongestant rub is the perfect solution for quick relief from the discomfort caused by the common cold. It harnesses the healing properties of Kūmarahou and the uplifting fragrance of Eucalyptus to soothe your chest and alleviate congestion.


Get soothing relief with our rub that effectively eases discomfort related to cold symptoms such as coughing, chest congestion, and tightness.


Respiratory Support Tincture


They are made from organically distilled alcohol blended with five natural botanicals to aid and support the respiratory system.


Kawakawa and Kūmarahou have long been used as a traditional Māori remedy in Aotearoa to support the body through cold and flu symptoms.

Take four drops orally daily or dilute them into hot water or tea.

Shake the bottle before use.


Pain Support Tincture


Made from organically distilled alcohol blended with Pukatea to aid and support acute pain.

Take a maximum of 4 drops orally thrice daily or dilute into hot water or tea.

It can be used topically by applying directly onto the skin or mixed into a carrier oil or balm.


This package provides excellent value for your natural first aid kit and wellness resources.

(Note: For persistent or severe symptoms, it is always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider.)


Wellness Pack

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