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Tūpākihi and Kawakawa Body Oil  


Kawakawa and Tūpākihi combined to create a powerful pain rongoā to help ease and soothe pain and inflammation in the body. Tūpākihi is used for the relief of deep pain in the muscles and bones. This oil is great for sore joints, arthritis, osteoarthritis and sore muscles.


Add 8-10 drops to the palm of your hand and gently warm by rubbing your hands together.

Apply all over the body from head to toe. 


Avoid applying to open wounds, cuts and sores. 

This is for external use only.


Natural ~ Cruelty-free ~ New Zealand Made





Kawakawa, Tūpākihi, Grapeseed oil.





Tūpākihi and Kawakawa Body Oil

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