Time to walk in the forests

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

When you have been away from home too long your heart yearns to return back to nature. To feel the leaves in your hands and hear the wind moving through the trees. The familiar sounds of the tui birds flying through the branches and treetops. Its so great to be home again to ground yourself home to your turangawaewae/ place of standing. The place I call home.

Northland is my home. Where I feel most at peace in my surroundings. I just get up and 5 minutes away I can be walking amongst the manuka trees overlooking the point out to Hihi. The sounds of the ocean below lapping at the shores and seagulls flying out at sea. This is where I connect to nature is not far from where I live. Out on the pa site where the Kohekohe stand with the Pohutukawa.

Today I pick the most beautiful plant I love, the Kawakawa ( Macropiper Excelsum). The heart shaped leaf that heals the body physically and emotionally as it works on the grief thats held in the body. 'Kawakawa o te rau aroha. The leaf of love'. She is so wonderful this time of the year, lush, vibrant and shimmering even. I hold some leaves in my hand and take a deep breath. She holds the cellular memory of my inner child. I feel so happy that she fills me with memories of healings with so many people we have met over the years and who have been healed by her.

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