Sensing rongoaa

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

What does it mean to use all your senses when you are working with native plant medicine?

How do you connect to plant life and all that it has to heal us?

We have become so busy in our everyday lives we too have forgotten how to connect. It's all about the connections we make with all living things. I remember when I was taught by my elders not to speak and don't ask questions. They would say " you watch and listen!" meaning do as I do and don't speak. It was so hard learning this in my 20's as I didn't know how to communicate any other way but to speak. Slowly over the years I learnt to quieten myself and observe. To listen and learn.

We would go to harvest plant materials and I was taught traditional protocols like saying a prayer to give thanks, learning appreciation for the plants and what they give to us. Listening to them, feeling their mauri/ life force and connecting to it, touching and smelling the earth and all plant life that grow in the forests and in the water.

It made me feel alive every time we would harvest. These are the memories I have to remind me how to sense. The word rongo/aa means to sense. To use all your senses to enable you to connect which is to hear feel smell taste and to perceive.

The plant life already know what we need to heal ourselves we just need to make the connection with them and within that relationship there becomes a deeper respect for the land Papatuuaanuku/ Mother Earth and all that grows from her. We are connected through our relationship to IO Matua Kore/ Supreme Creator who is always ever present connecting us to all living things through the wairua/ spirit. A reciprocal relationship between God, man and plant life. One that is looked after, protected, nurtured and healed.

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